Introducing The Common Room Book Club Project

Welcome to The Common Room

It is my goal to re-read the Harry Potter books with an aim to understanding some of the themes, messages, and allegories in the series. I am not an English major, nor particularly intellectual, but I do love the world building and character growth across these books and I found that when I read them for the first time— only a couple of years ago, as a matter of fact, they really resonated with me. I think one of the reasons that the books have done so well over time is that they speak to us wherever we are in life, and offer us something that we need in that moment.

This project will include other people. I have invited a couple friends to join me on this journey but it is a long one so we’ll see how we go! Some of these friends have read Harry Potter before, and one or two are even what you might call Potterheads, that is they are fully fluent in the Wizarding World, champion level Harry Potter trivia types. One friend is a brand new reader of the series. Including a neophyte was important to me because I think it brings something rare and special to the discussion to hear from someone who is enjoying the books for the first time. I am delighted that this friend reports absolutely loving the books so far. If nothing else comes of this, the fact that I helped nudge a friend into this enchanted world is enough to make this project a success.

I would also like to invite you to join us. We have decided to do our book club meetings as live video podcasts and include the audience chat in the shows, so the more the merrier. Please also join the group on Goodreads and participate in the discussion boards each week as we begin our magical journey on the Hogwarts Express!

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