Ep. 3 Rebel Rebel

Welcome to the third episode of The Common Room a new Harry Potter Book Club! Recorded livestream from Jan 27, 2019.

In this meeting, the group discusses chapters 8-9 of  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Wil, Jessie, Daney, Gem, and Mox discuss rebellion in this section of the book and bring out some of our favorite bits of the reading.

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The Three-headed Dog. Credit: Pottermore


This week’s poll: Prof. Mc Gonagall decides not to punish Harry for flying his broomstick against Madam Hooch’s orders because Harry will be a boon to the Gryffindor Quidditch team. This is _____

See the results here

Next episode will cover Ch. 10-11 and will be livestreaming Feb 10 at 9pm ET on Twitch. Be sure to join the discussion on GoodReads!

Today’s guests are: JessieWil, GemMox, and Lady Daney and our producer is JT

You can find the discussion thread for this week’s topic in the book club at this link

Jessie’s article on Rebellion in Ch 8-9 can be found here




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